Titanium Pipes


Titanium pipes can be used in many different engineering applications.

Some particular piping components are used in sub-sea applications. They can help to overcome several challenges faced in such extreme working conditions. Titanium pipes high strength and low density, combined with its natural corrosion resistance, means it needs no corrosion allowance. Therefore, it can be specified in thinner cross-sections, using less metal per unit of area. It has crevice corrosion & pitting immunity. At temperatures less than 82 degrees Celsius, crevice corrosion and pitting are totally absent, even if marine deposits form.

Mechanical Properties: Grade 5 Titanium has a significantly higher yield strength and strength-to-weight ratio than duplex alloys.

Bio fouling: Where Super Duplex life expectancy is less than acceptable due to bio fouling, the titanium oxide film is uncompromised by marine deposits.

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