Titanium Bars and Titanium Rods


Titanium bars are used in a myriad of applications and industries.

Our range starts at 5mm diameter and goes all the way up to 14”. These materials are kept in stock in the UK and larger bespoke sizes are also available upon request.

Grade 5 Titanium is commonly used for subsea applications due to its exceptional strength—it is far stronger than commercially pure titanium. Grade 5 titanium also has exceptional corrosion resistance and is impervious to a wide range of marine and offshore oil and gas operating environments. At temperatures less than 82 degrees Celsius crevice corrosion and pitting are totally absent, even if marine deposits form. Industries and applications we serve include: Subsea Valves, Subsea Sensors, Fasteners, Valve Bodies, Subsea Cameras, Subsea Connectors

In addition to the raw material itself we also offer a wide range of extra services such as precision sawing, waterjet cutting and fully machined components.

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Below is a link to a pdf where a weight guide chart based on theoretical weights, other sizes are available.

Data Table

Bars Data Table

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