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Titanium Mesh is used in a huge variety of industries such as: Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Mechanical engineering, Petroleum production, and Chemical and Surgical applications.

In the Shipbuilding industry, ships have many filters and strainers. Titanium Mesh is used as a water filter which stops the solid impurities from the sea entering the water system. Titanium Mesh also has a strong resistance to acids and alkalis, making it ideal for filtering in chemical engineering as the material does not corrode. In the security industry Titanium Mesh has proven its strength and durability, with its high corrosion resistance the mesh can be used as fencing outdoors without the worry of rust or defect.

Mechanical Properties: Grade 1 Titanium is lightweight and has a high formability value giving the mesh very high tensile strength and low density which is very beneficial for bends and shaping.

Low initial cost: It’s natural corrosion resistance, means it needs no corrosion allowance. Therefore it can be specified in thinner cross-sections, using less metal per unit of area.

Excellent Weldabilty: Our Titanium Mesh is Grade 1 commercially pure, It’s the most softest and ductile grades of Titanium, perfect for welding.

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