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Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4 are commercially pure titanium. Grade 2 is a commonly used specification across all product forms. Grade 1 is specified when superior formability is required. Grades 3 and 4 are used where higher levels of strength are necessary.

Grades 7, 11 and 12 are alloys possessing superior corrosion resistance in particular to reducing acid chlorides. The mechanical properties of grades 7 and 11 are identical to those of Grades 2 and 1 respectively. Grade 12 is stronger and retains useful levels of strength up to 300oC.

Grades 5 and 9 are alloys with good corrosion resistance and medium levels of strength. They are frequently limited in use to specific products.

Titanium is light and strong and has a family of alloys offering forms and properties appropriate to a large number of applications and working environments.

Titanium is substantially inert providing it with outstanding resistance to corrosion. It resists erosion and cavitation. Titanium is also, essentially, immune to stress corrosion cracking and is resistant to corrosion fatigue. Commercially pure titanium suffers no significant loss of fatigue strength in sea water and other aqueous chloride media.

In sea water titanium is incredibly versatile due to its chemical properties. It is now commonly being used in the construction of pumps and can provide significant benefits. Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance, is compatible with high-chloride level environments and has a high strength-to-weight ratio. It is 45 percent lighter than steel and twice as strong as aluminium and is also able to resist abrasive and chemical cavitation erosion, even in high flow environments.

In contrast, more commonly used stainless steel alloy submersible pumps have more limited pH and chloride level ranges. Stainless steel is also more susceptible to stress corrosion cracking in aggressive environments. These factors lead to reduced pump life, higher maintenance costs and downtime-related revenue losses.

Kilo for kilo a titanium pipe for example of the same diameter and schedule will be almost twice as long as pipe made from any one of its most dense competitors. Reduction of the schedule can cut pipe by weight by over 70%, with a substantial reduction in the total purchase price. Initial cost is only one part of the whole cost equation when it comes to using titanium. Maintenance and downtime costs, which may be a very significant element in plant or equipment designed for a long service life, are another. Titanium saves maintenance costs through its reliability and performance.

At titanium metals we stock a wide range of bars, jig section, pipes, tubes, sheets, plates, wire, mesh and fasteners. We also offer a bar and sheet cutting service and can have our range of materials manufactured to your specification as cut pieces and billets.

When designing for fabrication, anything that can be made in metal can be made in titanium. As a result engineers can take advantage of titaniums properties of improved strength to weight ratio when producing parts and products. This makes it ideal for many engineering applications.

Titanium pipes and tubes are commonly used in the petrochemical and gas industries and seawater systems but it can be applied in any situation where improved performance is required over other metals. This makes it a favourite choice in many types of hydraulic systems, offshore and subsea applications, chemical processing plans, shipbuilding, condensers, heat exchangers and nuclear power.

Titanium sheets have various applications in many industries from oil and gas extraction, medical, sport, precision engineering and parts and product manufacture. It is also used to make titanium mesh.

Titanium bars, like sheets, has various applications in many industries from oil and gas extraction, medical, sport, precision engineering and parts and product manufacture. It is also used to manufacture bolts and fasteners.

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