Call off order Storage facility

1st Feb 2024
new warehouse 07

Welcome to Titanium Metals' blog post on the new stockholding facility, the future of TML UK Ltd. In this article, we will explore the benefits of our stockholding warehouse and how it can help our clients with their titanium material requirements.

This blog post will provide valuable insights into the advantages of utilizing our stockholding facility for titanium materials. We will discuss how it offers a cost-effective solution for customers to purchase large call-off orders and ensure they receive their materials on time.


Imagine having your titanium requirements readily available when you need them. With our new stockholding warehouse facility, you can store special titanium materials for your projects and have them delivered on demand. No more waiting for suppliers or worrying about delays.


  • Our stockholding facility includes Titanium cut billet, cut diameter bars, machined titanium pieces, standard sheets of titanium, and standard titanium bars.
  • By using our call-off facility, you can save money by bulk buying titanium and ensuring a consistent supply.
  • Our company strengths include quick delivery, competitive pricing, and a commitment to being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Contact TML UK Ltd now to find out how we can be of benefit to your company and ultimately your clients.