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Coronavirus: 13-year-old boy dies, says London hospital trust
Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab is thought to be the youngest person to have died with the virus in the UK.
Coronavirus: Are loss of smell and taste key symptoms?
However, experts say a fever and a cough are still the main ones to look out for.
Banks bow to pressure and axe shareholder payments
The Bank of England welcomed the decision by the UK's biggest banks and encouraged them to scrap bonuses.
Coronavirus: UK must go 'further, faster' to increase testing capacity
The government is working to increase coronavirus tests, Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove says.
Coronavirus: Milton Keynes ice rink to be temporary mortuary
Planet Ice in Milton Keynes may be needed if there is a rise in coronavirus-related deaths.
Coronavirus: 3D-printer owners rally to create NHS face masks
More than 1,000 people volunteer to help make face shields for front-line workers.
Coronavirus: Rescue for Brits stuck in India 'too little, too late'
The situation for UK tourists in India was called "horrific" by a woman who left at the weekend.
Coronavirus: MSPs to agree emergency laws
MSPs are expected to pass new emergency powers in a single day in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.
Coronavirus: ASOS denies claims staff are unsafe at work during outbreak
The clothing brand says a claim it is "playing Russian roulette with people’s lives" is nonsense.
Coronavirus: Crisis 'has paused Whitehall backbiting'
But a union boss questions whether ministers will value civil servants more "over the long term".